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Contrast is way too light today.#198


Contrast is so poor that results arer entirely unreadable. ( tested on several PCs )

I started a trial today, however i should note thet when i looked at the application a few weeks ago it was 100% perfect in every way.

I also observed that your wonderful application appeared to have problems downloading Google fonts. Google fonts will ALLWAYS be the weakest part of any serious website or WEB based application.

If windows then “Century Gothic, Verduna, Ariel”
else if Mac “ unknown1, unknown”
else Googlefonts.

please advise how to change light grey on white text to black or dark gray font colour.

greetings from Aurora Data Recovery - Slava Ukraine

a year ago

Hi, @Tony.kvarnstrom ! Thank you for highlithing this issue. We are looking the methods how to solve it now.

a year ago

@Tony.kvarnstrom we don’t change the colors in the app for 2 years. may be did you install a widget for dark theme or something similar to that recently?

a year ago