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Page audit tied to rankings tied to site changes#83

There should be a way to view a URL and visualise the changes made over time and the relevant rankings.

For example, you might say

  • Updated H1 - 23rd March
  • Ranking 4->2 for “orange juice” on 30th March


That data appears to be present but if i go to page audit from tracked changes, the data isn’t visible.

This would help us highlight the impact changes are have on rankings.

It would be great if this could work the other way too, like you were ranking #6 for “apple vs Orange juice” until the page had a number of internal links pointing at it deleted or a bunch of content removed, and now you rank #23.

I hope that makes sense

3 years ago

@Nathan Horgan you read our minds. This is what we plan to add in the future. The issue that there are many factors impact on rankings and some of them we can’t check yet. But we will move step-by-step adding features like that. Thank you for a great explanation of the idea.

3 years ago
Changed the status to
6 months ago