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Go-live checklist#97

It would be great to have a checklist for individual pages that can be applied pre and post go-live.

Things you might want to check:

  • Page is indexable
  • Canonical is self-referencing (ability to ignore this)
  • Images are below x-size
  • Page meets CWV guidelines for either Good or Needs Improvement
  • Title tags and meta description are present (even better if you can check it’s unique)
  • etc.
6 months ago

Hi, @Nathan Horgan ! Do you mean a separate Page Audit for pages that not published yet? So how will Sitechecker find them?

6 months ago

Hi @Ivan Palii , more of a checklist that can flag issues.

While i’m happy for it to be post go-live, if it’s in UAT, then we would grant sitechecker access (had a request somewhere else for a static IP).

Again this would even be great for pages in production because we can resolve any issues, like large images, that may slip through.

Recently we had a 500kb .svg image go through instead of the equivalent 18kb .png image.


6 months ago

@Nathan Horgan have you tried to use Page Audit tool for that? Click on Page Audit on Site Audit issue to launch on-page audit for the page. This tool is exactly built as a checklist. You also can check any public page using an extra tool On-Page SEO Checker, that does the same things - Is this what you need?

6 months ago

Hi @Ivan Palii , yep that’ll do it! Thank you

6 months ago